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Aluminum-Wood windows

Aluminum-Wood windows


Wooden windows overlaid with aluminum (aluminum plated) are high quality wooden windows refined with aluminum overlay. Such carpentry is best example of natural and durable materials. Wood and aluminum combinations provide unlimited possible doors for the internal window and entry doors in a period of materials and various colors.
Aluminum overlay advantages:
- Aluminum is extraordinarily durable material that maintains the form.
- Aluminum protection is available in a wide range of RAL colors and various wood replicas (imitations).
- Good acoustic and thermal insulation.
- Long-term protection of wooden carpentry.

Wooden windows with aluminum protection overlay are available in two dimensions of wooden profile including the standard one 68mm and 78mm. Increased width of the wooden frame provides better thermal and acoustic insulation.
Technical features of wood-aluminum:
- Standard thermal insulation windowpane (Ug 1,1 W/m2K)
- Acoustic insulation up to 44dB (with appropriate glassing.
- Due to bigger glass surface the light incidence is increased also.
- Higher values of thermal insulation as a result of deeper seated glass.
- Possible glassing up to 44 mm.

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